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For the Sake of Humanity Release Nouran Hawas

Mon - (15 Aug 2016) - Press Releases

ICRC has long worked over the 150 passing years on the humanitarian work  and promoted its value without any other considerations. That's what enabled  it to deliver aids to millions of effected people around the world and contributed in saving millions of lives and properties as well.

Targeting humanitarian work in Yemen, means in one aspect, targeting thousands of civilians trapped in conflict, whom  ICRC alongside with other humanitarian organizations work on alleviating their sufferings and reducing  the high cost left by warfare and conflicts.

Nouran Hawas one of the those who departed  their homeland, leaving behind them family and friends yearning  to see them  return home safely. Leaving their homes was for the sake of providing assistance and help for the Yemenis  who were deprived by warfare of their rights in security and peace. Nevertheless she was abducted on her way to work in Sana'a on December 1 2015. The world was shocked by this horrible act which stands against all conventions and values

Considering what this horrible act represents, and because humanitarian work is sacred, Mwatana organization for human rights appeals kidnappers for the sake of humanity and ethics that forbid such act, to stop violating her right to freedom and release her safely.

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