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v Who are we?


Mwatana  Organization for Human Rights is an independent Yemeni organization involved in defending and protecting human rights, and operates through field investigations and research to produce accurate and objective accounts of the facts regarding its mandate and mission in order to detect and stop human rights violations. It attempts to provide support and justice to victims, hold accountable those in violation of human rights, and produce effective guarantees in legislation and policies that ensure the prevention of repetition of such violations.


v The organization is engaged with a number of issues, including:

Ø  Extrajudicial Killings

Ø  Enforced Disappearance

Ø  Arbitrary Arrest

Ø  Torture

Ø  Women’s Rights

Ø  Child Rights

Ø  Terrorism

Ø  Workers’ Rights

Ø  Refugees’ Rights

Ø  Rights of the Marginalized and the Vulnerable

Ø  Expatriates’ Rights

Ø  Freedom of Expression

Ø  Transitional Justice

Ø  Procedural Justice

Ø  Legislation

Ø  Human Rights Defenders

Ø  Death Sentence

Ø  Conflict


v The organization operates through a variety of tools, including:


Ø  Monitoring and Documentation: Collect data on human rights violations by 1) conducting field visits, first-hand research, hearings, examination of the evidence and clues; 2) comparing the findings with local laws and international conventions; and 3) exposing such findings in terms of producing statements or reports that contain the Organization’s conclusions, recommendations and demands.


Ø  Studies and Research: Conduct strategic studies in relation to human rights issues with an aim to draw a clear picture of each issue under investigation and support that with summaries and remedies.


Ø  Advocacy and Lobbying: Exert pressure on competent authorities through a special chamber for advocacy and lobbying in order to implement the recommendations and demands indicated in the Organization’s reports, data, studies and research.


Ø  Legal Support: Provide victims of human rights violations with legal aid before courts of law, prosecution offices and the various security authorities through professional lawyers.


Ø  Training and Coaching: Work on the training and coaching of human rights cadres in order to enable them to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to defend human rights with technical competence and objectivity at various levels of human rights activism.


Ø  Awareness: Enhance public awareness on all human rights issues by implementing various awareness activities.


Ø  Brochures and Publications: The Organization publishes brochures and publications, as applicable, in a way that serves the mission and issues on which the Organization works.



v Management of the Organization


-          Radhiyah Al-Mutawakkil

President of the Organization


-          Abdulrashid Al-Faqih

Executive Director



v Board of Trustees





v To contact us:

Mwatana Organization for Human Rights

Yemen Sana’a

Telephone: 009671464987

Fax: 009671537824

E-mail: info@mwatana.org

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