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I’ve seen how arms sales fuel deadly suffering in Yemen. We must stop them

This article originally appeared in the Guardian on Sept.11, 2017

Judging Against Our Lives

July 10,2017

The fight against cholera in Yemen

A cholera outbreak in Yemen has put an even greater strain on the country’s already fractured health system. UNICEF is on the ground in the hardest hit areas chlorinating water sources, distributing hygiene kits and teaching families about prevention.

US Should Stop Making Excuses for Saudi Violations in Yemen

Despite rising outrage over the bloody civilian toll in Yemen’s war, the United States administration is showing no signs of breaking with – or attempting to check – the actions of its ally Saudi Arabia, the leader of the nine-nation coalition against the Houthi rebels.

Congress Needs to Press the Pentagon, Saudi Arabia on Abuses in Yemen War

On August 9, one day after the Pentagon notified Congress of its intention to sell $1.2 billion in weapons systems to Saudi Arabia, the Saudi-led coalition resumed airstrikes on Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, after peace talks that began in April shut down.

September 21st and Invisible victims


Afaf’s Piggy Bank … Houses in the Range of Clashes


No safe alley: Tales from the war-weary in Yemen’s Taiz

After a perilous exodus from Sana’a in recent weeks, a human rights activist talks to Yemeni civilians about what life is like when all sense of normality vanishes in the face of war. Residents shared harrowing stories of life since the start of the Saudi-led campaign more than 50 days ago.

The Oppressor and Oppressed, Alternate Exchange of Roles


By: Abdul Rashid Al-Faqih – Mwatana Organization for Human Rights