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Mwatana and international NGOs demand release of journalists held by Houthi defacto authority for two years

The Huthi and allied forces should immediately and unconditionally release ten Yemeni journalists detained arbitrarily without charge or trial, said nine NGOs today, on the second anniversary of their detention.

Civil society organisations call on UN Security Council to take action to save lives in Yemen

Twenty-two international and Yemeni humanitarian and human rights organisations, including Save the Children, the International Rescue Committee and Oxfam, today called on members of the UN Security Council – in particular the United Kingdom – to end its year-long inaction on Yemen, and move dec

Press in Yemen faces the Risk of Eradication

Mwatana: The Saudi-led Coalition Has Been Targeting Civilians in Yemen for Two Years

Yemen- Sana’aو March 24, 2017

Mwatana Organization for Human Rights declared that the Saudi-led Arab coalition must immediately stop apparent targeting civilians and civilian objects in Yemen.

Mwatana Releases Human Rights Documentary “We Want to Live”

 Mwatana Organization for Human Rights released the human rights documentary “we want to live” which highlights the misery of civilians stranded between fires of parties to the ground conflict in Taiz province southern Yemen since the out

Mwatana Organization: Violations by Internal Armed Conflict Parties in Taiz May Amount to War Crimes

Mwatana Organization for Human Rights has declared that the parties to the conflict involved in the armed ground conflict in Taiz governorate south Yemen, have committed a list of appalling grave human rights violations.