Common questions

Mwatana Organization for Human Rights is an independent, non-profit Yemeni organization involved in defending and promoting human Rights. It is governed by board of Trustees that contains of 5 persons headed by the Organization President. Then there is the Executive Manager who is managing six operating units including Research Unit, Projects administration, and Financial administration in which there is legal accountant, cashier and external auditors. As it is explicitly articulated in all its reference, documents and activities, Mwatana didicates its role to denfend and promote human rights in Yemen. It, therefeore, works first to detecting and reveal human rights violations anywhere within its mandate through conducting field investigations and researches in odere to produce accurate and objective account of facts violations’sincidents. Mwatana also works alot in provide support and justices to victims and promoting effective guarantees in legalizations and policies that ensure the preventions of repetition of such violations.

After investigating the incidents of human rights violations Mwatana approaches them with the relevant local laws and international conventions in order to reach a precise, informative, legal and objective vision that enables the organization to detect the nature of the appropriate response that meets its work rules and principles and prior to that is victims’ best interest.Mwatana issues reports, dispatches and rights-based messages in order to highlight human rights violations and victims. It also leads advocacy campaigns for the cases that it works on using modern techniques and tools; Furthermore, it provides legal advocacy for the victims.Mwatana works on building the capacities of rights-based activists through the implementation of training workshops that contribute in creating an effective and professional rights-based environment.Mwatana provides qualitative researches and books in order to produce a distinctive rights-based epistemology that enriches not just the Yemeni library in particular but the Arabian one in general.

Mwatana pledges to its main duties concerning monitoring, documenting, advocating, legal support, training, and raising awareness as specialized distinctive services that Mwatana devoted itself to their fulfillment in order to create a positive response in the case of the victims and their relatives from one hand and human rights status on the other.Mwatana takes notice of clarity with the victims and their relatives or with its partners concerning its duties, functions, work nature and the importance of specialty regarding creating response.

Mwatana is a non-profit independent Yemeni organization established by the two rights-based activists, Radhya Al-Mutawakel and Abdulrasheed Al-Faqih, and it has an independent staff that benefit from the humanitarian accumulation and international experiences in this field. The organization team works according to obvious set of rules that do not allow prejudices to any party. Mwatana has also a code of conduct that every member must adhere to.

Mwatana ensures activities cost the it implements through unconditioned partnerships with funding INGOs whom which goals and work rules are compatible with that of ours. It also rejects any fund from any side that does not meet the organization criteria. Mwatana also refuses to receive any support whether its financial or tangible from any parties accused of violating human rights or involved in supporting violence or have corruption allegations. Mwatana can never put itself under any moral or financial commitment for any party or organization that may affect its work or create an image of that view.

Mwatana has a financial management that works according to strict rules of accountancy that guarantees running funds in a responsible way according to accredited written policies that controls all financial and accountancy operations. A foreign legal accountant makes annual financial audit which the organization shares with its partners. Mwatana aims at achieving high standers of transparency in its financial, management system as well as decision-making and work methodology in addition to funding.

Mwatana organization for human rights welcomes any financial or tangible donations from those willing to make a contribution in its activities and programs whether they were individuals or institutions in a way that does not come against the next terms:Mwatana does not accept any funding from any parties, groups or individuals condemned of violating human rights,Mwatana does not accept any funding from any party or individual that is related to weapons-trade.Mwatana does not accept any funding from any party or individual involved in violent acts at any level.Mwatana does not accept any funding from any armed-group or a person affiliated to it or supports it.Mwatana does not accept any funding from any party or individual condemned of corruption.To donate please contact the organization through its mail : to know more details.

Mwatana has a headquarter based in Sana’a and it works where there are violations of human rights in Yemen. Mwatana believes in the universalism of human rights movement and that is why it works within an international and regional alliances in order to contribute in the promotion and protection of human rights in Middle East and the world.

The key references of Mwatana’s work are the international conventions and treaties related to human rights and its protection in addition to Mwatana’s principles, goals and rules absorbed from that enriched humanitarian experience. Mwatana works to contribute in building and adapting the local legislations with the best value that is enshrined in the relevant human rights conventions.

Mwatana organization for human rights does not in any way adopt political, regional or sectarian standpoint. It pledges to neutrality in any contest that does not involve human rights violations.

Who works in Mwatana?
Mwatana’s work team consists of independent youth, both female and male, that empower the organization body through its competence and variety. Each one of Mwatana’s team works on enhancing the performance continuously from his position and the organization may sometimes consult international experts when needed.

Mwatana’s team does not take any charges whether financial or material from the victim for the work we do. Mwatana ensures all workers’ dues and its banned for all the staff to receive any funds under any circumstances.

Does Mwatana provide any financial or tangible aids for the victims?

Mwatana does not provide any financial or tangible assistance for human rights victims. The organization does not give promises, adhering to the principle of clarity with the victims regarding its mandate which is limited to monitoring, documenting and providing legal advocacy in addition to the other civic tools that Mwatana uses to ensure justice for the victims and perpetrators.

How can I contact the organization?

You can contact the organization in order to report any violation or to complain about something. For more information or making remarks please contact us through the organization email: or through office phone: 01210755 or Mobile: 730210755 or through our contact page: Contact Us