Since the outbreak of the armed conflict in Yemen in September 2014, Mwatana for Human Rights has documented hundreds of incidents that have killed and injured thousands of civilians. The parties to the conflict have used multiple types of weapons, resulting in the deaths and injuries of thousands of civilians and the destruction of numerous civilian objects and infrastructure. Mwatana has also documented the use of various types of weapons by all parties to the conflict in Yemen, including bombs of all kinds dropped by Saudi/UAE-led coalition fighter jets, anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines, mortars and Katyushas, booby-traps, and explosive objects left by the warring parties. Additionally, Kalashnikovs, sniper guns, tank shells, armored vehicles, guns of all kinds, RPG missiles, 12/7 mm machine guns, and other heavy and medium ground weapons have been used by the Houthis, forces of the internationally recognized government, popular resistance formations loyal to the government, forces of the Southern Transitional Council, and joint forces on the west coast.