Attacks and Misuses of Schools

Since the outbreak of the armed conflict in Yemen in late 2014, Mwatana for Human Rights has documented hundreds of incidents in which parties to the conflict have attacked schools and used them for military purposes, thereby disrupting the educational process in various Yemeni governorates. There are many types of violations against schools, including aerial and ground bombardment, occupation, and use of schools for military purposes such as using them as military barracks, detention centers, military shelters, storage, and supply depots, using them as mobilization and recruitment centers, breaking into schools by force of arms, or physically or verbally abusing students and educational staff, including arbitrary arrests, torture, and ill-treatment. Attacks on and use of schools refer to carrying out any armed attack on any educational facility, such as primary, basic, and secondary schools for boys or girls, that disrupts the educational process or causes students to be denied access to their schools, or any act that endangers students and their teachers. The attack on and use of schools are among the six serious violations against children.