Humanitarian Aid Obstruction

Since the outbreak of the armed conflict in Yemen in late 2014, Mwatana for Human Rights has documented hundreds of incidents in which parties to the conflict have prevented the delivery of humanitarian aid and essential materials for the survival of the civilian population in various Yemeni governorates. The denial of humanitarian access takes several forms, including obstructing the access of aid or relief workers in any way, manipulating beneficiary lists, and interfering in the implementation of humanitarian activities. In addition, humanitarian workers have been attacked and subjected to arbitrary arrests or ill-treatment. By Denial of Humanitarian Access, we mean obstructing the access of basic and service items, including food, medical, and shelter aid provided by international and local relief, medical, and development organizations. These emergency measures are necessary to ensure the survival of the civilian population in light of the ongoing armed conflict in Yemen. Denying access to humanitarian aid is one of the six grave violations against children.