Land Mines

Since the outbreak of the armed conflict in Yemen in late 2014, Mwatana for Human Rights has documented hundreds of incidents involving civilians, including children, in various Yemeni governorates. Thousands of victims have been killed and injured in various areas where the Ansar Allah group (Houthis) has planted various types of mines. Women and children are the primary victims of these mines as they are responsible for fetching water, firewood, and caring for livestock. These mines have forced hundreds of Yemenis to take difficult roads away from official and usual roads. Additionally, Mwatana has documented the use of mines in starvation as a weapon of war. By "mines," we refer to all objects planted underground, on or near the ground, or in another surface area, designed to explode by humans, such as individual mines or by vehicles such as anti-armored mines. These mines may also be designed to explode through radio signals or by the pulling of a tape or key attached to them, such as booby-traps that have caused death and injury to civilians and civilian objects.