Since the outbreak of the armed conflict in Yemen in late 2014, Mwatana for Human Rights has documented dozens of incidents targeting historical monuments, cultural properties, and historical landmarks such as forts, places of worship, and religious monuments in various Yemeni governorates. Parties to the conflict have committed these violations, which include aerial bombardment, ground bombardment, destruction using explosive devices, use of historical monuments for military purposes, and violations related to negligence or an extremist view of intangible heritage and subsequent infringement of tangible heritage. By “Attacks on Historical and Cultural Property”, we mean destruction and use for the purpose of demonstrating the power of a party to a conflict or to retaliate or provoke other parties by destroying something that represents people or groups and their beliefs. The parties to the conflict are fully aware of the harm caused to communities by these acts (Those who have no history have no present). These violations are not limited to monuments and historical landmarks but may also extend to an attempt to obliterate or change traditional and cultural practices such as popular clothing and others.

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