Organizational Structure

In addition to the numerous challenges posed by the war and its diverse violations, Mwatana has undertaken the challenge of institutional development so as to be able to achieve its vision, goals, and strategic plan through a concurrent, coherent, and coordinated package of operations and activities. Mwatana has developed efficient and effective mechanisms that interface with diverse local, regional, and international mechanisms, notwithstanding the complexities of the situation. Mwatana recognizes that it would have been impossible to attain its goals of exposing and reducing human rights violations, striving to provide justice to victims, and holding human rights violators accountable without embracing the challenge of institutional development.

Mwatana is committed to performing human rights work with precision and adherence to the latest and most advanced mechanisms and international standards. In conjunction, the organization has also focused on developing an institutional structure comprised of units, departments, and governance levels, which guarantee internal control, operational efficiency, effectiveness, coherence, interdependence, and consistency across various work domains.

Mwatana's Structure