The Passing of Professor Dr. Yassin Al-Shaibani

A Man who Enriched Mwatana’s Library with Countless Legal and Human Rights Works

Saturday, January 6, 2024
The Passing of Professor Dr. Yassin Al-Shaibani

Yemen deeply mourns the loss of Professor Dr. Yassin Al-Shaibani, a distinguished legal and academic luminary. His departure came in the early hours of Saturday after a prolonged illness, marking the end of an extraordinary professional and humanitarian journey. He stood as a beacon of perseverance and an advocate for the primacy of law and justice, etching for himself a prominent place in the cultural and academic realms.

Mwatana for Human Rights had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Al-Shaibani, benefiting from his wealth of knowledge and experience, even amidst the most challenging circumstances. His contributions span numerous pioneering legal and human rights initiatives, including booklets addressing fair trials, the vital role of public prosecution in safeguarding human rights, the interconnection between police procedures and human rights, along with a comprehensive study on specialized criminal courts. Additionally, his contributions encompass a wealth of publications that have profoundly enriched the archives of Mwatana for Human Rights.

Born in July 1959, Dr. Yassin Al-Shaibani completed his secondary education at Al-Thowrah High School in Taiz in 1978, ranking among the top in the republic. He obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree from Cairo University in 1982, securing the second position in his cohort. Subsequently, he pursued a Master's degree in Public and Private Law at Cairo University, graduating with a Very Good grade in 1987. This was followed by a Doctorate in Public International Law, in which he excelled, and his Ph.D. thesis was recommended by Cairo University's Faculty of Law for publication and dissemination among Arab and foreign universities.

In 1997, he commenced his academic career as a teaching assistant and steadily advanced to become an assistant professor, eventually attaining the position of associate professor at the Faculty of Sharia and Law, University of Sana'a.

Within the administrative domain of the University of Sana'a, he held various administrative positions at Sana'a University, including serving as a legal advisor to the university, then as the head of the Academic Development Department, followed by assisting the Vice President of the university for academic affairs. He also temporarily assumed the role of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Additionally, he served as the head of the Department of Public International Law at the Faculty of Sharia and Law.

He was seconded to the Ministry of Higher Education and worked as a cultural advisor at the Yemeni Embassy in Washington from 2004 to 2008.

His academic contributions encompass numerous research studies, such as 'Democracy and Poverty: Yemen's Case,' 'Guide to the Basic Principles of Human Rights in Yemeni and International Law,' 'The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Its Impact on International Agreements,' 'Arab National Security and New Regional Security Systems,' and 'Confronting Aggression in International Law.' Among these works is 'The Effectiveness of the International Collective Security System in the United Nations Charter,' published by Dar Salama, Cairo, in 1997.

Our sincerest condolences and deepest sympathy go out to his family, friends, admirers, and students.

Mwatana for Human Rights

Sana'a, January 6, 2024