forcibly disappeared by Ansar Allah (Houthi) group due to his lack of an ID card

Saddam's Family: We see him in our dreams.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023
forcibly disappeared by Ansar Allah (Houthi) group due to his lack of an ID card

Saddam, aged 34, grapples with social anxiety, rendering him incapable of engaging with people. He does not align with any political party or social organization, and he lacks a personal ID card.

On Sunday, December 9, 2018, while tending to beehives on a farm in the Shafer area of the Abs district, Hajjah governorate, he reached out to his family. During the call, he informed them of his intention to visit them the following day, as he had encountered an issue with the farm owner.

The next day, Saddam set off from the farm on his motorcycle, en route to his home. Around 11:30 a.m., he was halted at a checkpoint controlled by Ansar Allah (Houthi) group because of his absence of a personal ID card.

On Wednesday, December 12, the Saddam family received word that he was being detained in the Al-Abyad police section of the Abs district, Hajjah governorate, for reasons they were unaware of. One of the local elders contacted the mentioned prison, where they were informed that he was indeed in custody, yet the specifics of his case remained unclear.

After a month and a half, individuals affiliated with the police station that was detaining him reached out to the family. They requested that the family approach the local elders to petition for his release. However, when one of the elders contacted the police station, they claimed to have no knowledge of the detainee. Since then, his family has received no information about his whereabouts, whether he is still in their custody or has been moved elsewhere.

The charges against the victim remain unknown to this day. Two and a half years have elapsed, and his fate remains shrouded in uncertainty. His family has heard conjectures that he might be imprisoned in one of the detention facilities in Hajjah or has possibly been transferred to the military prison in Hadah area in Sana'a. However, due to their financial constraints, they are unable to bear the expenses associated with travel and the search for him.

One of his relatives laments, "We have appealed to the governor of the governorate, and various memoranda have been sent to the relevant authorities, yet we have received no word about him. Even, according to one concerned individual, his file at Al-Abyad police station prison in Hajjah has been purportedly destroyed. We see him in our dreams, confined in a facility has stairs and bridges, perched atop a high mountain, in an undisclosed location within Yemen."