"Mwatana" welcomes the decision to include the Israeli army in the "List of Shame"

The policy of impunity does not last forever

Friday, June 7, 2024
"Mwatana" welcomes the decision to include the Israeli army in the "List of Shame"
UN Photo/Mark Garten-United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

Mwatana for Human Rights welcomed the decision of the United Nations Secretary-General to include the Israeli army in the "List of Shame" of perpetrators of serious violations against children in armed conflicts.

Mwatana considered the UN Secretary-General's decision to include Israel in the List of Shame a long-awaited milestone, after years of the horrific violations and crimes committed by Israel against children, which were previously prevented by American and Israeli pressures.

Days ago, Mwatana had issued a statement calling on the UN Secretary-General to include Israel in the "List of Shame" as a party involved in committing serious violations against children in armed conflicts, due to its responsibility since October 8, 2023, for the killing of about 15,162 children in the Gaza Strip, and about 124 children in the West Bank, while injuring about 6,828 Palestinian children, of whom about 6,168 were injured in the Gaza Strip and about 660 were injured in the West Bank, as well as the destruction of about 416 educational facilities, of which 103 were completely destroyed and 313 partially destroyed, and the damage to about 25 hospitals, while 33 hospitals were taken out of service, and 126 ambulances were destroyed, according to the latest data from the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.

Radhya Al-Mutawakel, Chairperson of Mwatana for Human Rights organization, stated: "The inclusion of Israel in the List of Shame is a real first step to put Israel under the microscope of accountability, and to confirm that it has committed serious violations against children."

Al-Mutawakel added: "What is happening today in the face of Israel confirms that the policy of impunity will not last, and that the rights of victims will not be wasted or overlooked."

Mwatana for Human Rights called for further steps of accountability required from the international community, to put an end to the horrific violations that particularly target children and civilians in general, including the imposition of sanctions on Israel by states, foremost of which is the suspension of arms deals and all forms of support.