Dark Dungeons

Stories of the Abandoned Behind Obscure Bars

Dozens of painful and tragic human stories about Forcibly disappeared and arbitrarily detained, victims whose details were written in the blood of the oppressed and their groans, and the groans of their families, which are not You know most of them about the fates of their relatives. Women lawyers and Mwatana's lawyers wrote down these stories From the field, from the reality of their contact with the pain and suffering of the victims and their families, during their daily work in the Providing legal support to victims of arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, and torture, And also As part of Mwatana's efforts to accumulate steps aimed at redressing the victims and redressing their harm They and their families are rehabilitated, and violators are held accountable. And we open through this file, a window to highlight On the suffering of the victims and their families, we hope that the leaders of the various parties and their decision-makers will open up Their eyes on it and approaching it with their consciences and minds, then taking the initiative to remove injustice from everyone The victims and their families, and we also hope that the details of this suffering will reach all the perpetrators They can contribute to raising it on behalf of all the victims and their families.